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Management Committee & Club Representatives

Please note - we are currently updating this website. All correspondence is required to be forwarded to the Secretary.
ASRC Secretary:
Genevieve Hughes [email protected]
ASRC Treasurer: 
Robyn Dixon
ASRC Ring enquiries: [email protected]
General Committee:
Susan Batho
Yvette Dispain 
Rabbit Health & Welfare
Yvette Dispain 
Independant Investigative Committee - as required
Breed Standards Sub Committee
Gen Hughes
Rebecca Wallbank
Christine Carter
Sydney Royal Rabbit Show Convener:
Genevieve Hughes [email protected]
Prefix database:
For inclusion in the ASRC stud prefix database, please contact:
For newsletter contributions & show results: [email protected]

Club Representatives:

Orana Rabbit Fanciers - Mr. Rowland McDonnell / Ms. Kirsty Prince

RBA of NSW Inc. Representative - Mr. Graeme Batho [email protected]

Rabbit Exhibitors & Breeders Society Inc. - Ms. Courtenay Frith
SERC - Ms. Anna Hutchinson - [email protected]
TSARFS Representative - Ms. Yvette Dispain / Mrs. Robyn Dixon - [email protected]
TVRAI Representative - Mrs. Sarah Graham - [email protected] 
New Zealand Rabbit Association - Mr. Ben Ellis [email protected]
Gippsland Rabbit Fanciers Association Inc - Mrs. Vanita Van Berendonck  
TNRSI Representative - Mrs. Cheryl Davidson (inactive)
WA - Mrs. Rosemary Shackles (Club currently inactive)
Past Patron & ASRC Chair: Mrs. Vija Hone (2009-2012) 
Past ASRC Chair: Mr. John Porritt (2012 - 2014)
ASRC and it's member Clubs support the Australian Veterinary Association statement on myxomatosis vaccine: http://www.ava.com.au/node/26820
Objects and purposes.

i) To promote the responsible breeding, exhibition and promotion of purebred exotic domestic rabbits in Australia.

ii) To promote and assist the Australian rabbit fancy, providing rules and regulations, adopting British Rabbit Council (B.R.C) guidelines.

iii) To educate the public and government (both local and national) as to issues affecting its members and non member breeders , disease control via vaccination and prevention, importing/exporting of stock, general animal welfare.

iv) To promote all aspects of keeping of rabbits, the rabbit fancy, industry and hobby as a whole, via education, exhibition, with participation and promotion of the rabbit fancy in the community.

v) To offer a stud registry of registered active and inactive rabbit stud prefixes, to avoid duplication in Australia. Only an actively registered stud may use the term registered stud prefix.

vi) To offer a central database for access to individual club ring records.

vii) To assist and maintain a register and accept across the board, duly recognised Australian judge’s under each individual club’s approved training scheme.

viii) To encourage and maintain the qualities of recognised B.R.C breeds.

ix) To duly recognise the development of approved overseas breeds and standards, under breed panel direction. To adapt and recognise standards with an across the board Australian breed standard and identification system.

x) To ensure each individual club maintains it's own separate identity, while sharing common guidelines, rules and purposes.

xi) To offer an insurance option and coverage for affiliated Australian rabbit clubs.

xii) To offer a national show tour, proposed on a two yearly basis, state by state (excluding Queensland and the Northern Territory), sharing costs between affiliated clubs in Australia.

xiii) To support and sponsor open and public state level Royal Shows, as nominated and approved by the committee at the time. 





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